Inclusive leadership training & customised seminars for the entire organisation

Grow your organisation through a gender equality focus.

We are a success when we have trained our clients to walk alone

  • Why should gender equality, gender balance and diversity be key elements in your organization’s strategy?
  • How do you bring gender and diversity policies off the papers they’re written on and into the way your organization works?

We address these and other questions in our courses, seminars and workshops.

We offer short courses, seminar series and presentations for corporate boards, executives, managers, and employees. It is relevant for all organisational levels to understand how to embrace diversity for the benefit of the organisation. However, the level of understanding organisations need to achieve varies. That is why we always tailor the training to the audience. We understand that every organisation has different needs and is at a different place on their diversity journey. Consequently, we do not recommend off-the-shelf training solutions. We bring you customised learning experiences for your organisation.

Let us convert your HR Team and other relevant stakeholders into inclusive leadership specialists

Our approach is based on our products and methods, including the inclusive leadership game, Mosaic® and LEGO® Serious Play®. We know that by working with your own leadership practice, you can move your organisation. However, if you really want to move the needle on gender balance and diversity, you need inclusive leadership specialists within your organisation. That is why we have developed focused and tailored training processes for your HR team and other relevant stakeholders with the purpose of helping them to drive the process in the organisation.

Facilitator training

We offer a Certified Mosaic® Facilitator programme. We train relevant members of your team to become experts at facilitating the inclusive leadership game, Mosaic®. Mosaic® will help you to maintain your inclusive leadership training, making it a part of the strategic development of leadership.

We also offer training in using the LEGO® Serious Play® method to facilitate strategy processes focused on gender balance and diversity as well as leadership development.

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