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– Facts – Tools

Ingredients in a keynote from Lynn Roseberry.

Kick-start the diversity debate with On the Agenda

Lynn Roseberry is a well-known and experienced speaker in the field of inclusive leadership, gender balance and diversity. With every keynote, regardless of the venue or audience, Lynn’s goal is the same: To inspire and kick-start the debate and conversation. Lynn’s approach is to expand the discussion beyond the usual polarised debates by using facts, data, business cases and personal stories and her own experiences as Head of Department and Equal Opportunities Officer at Copenhagen Business School.

A keynote with Lynn is never dull. See for yourself in this short video from a keynote Lynn gave in the UN City in Copenhagen, 8 March 2018. She spoke about the UN’s strategy for gender parity. In this short clip, we get an introduction to why and how organisations should get started on the gender balance journey.

Deloitte & gender diversity

Lynn Roseberry on organisations’ mistaken approaches to gender diversity and what Deloitte US actually did. Excerpt from keynote at UN City, Copenhagen, March 2018.

The trifecta of diversity

Lynn Roseberry on the importance of diversity task forces. Excerpt from keynote at UN City, Copenhagen, March 2018.

Selection of private and public organisations who have already been inspired by Lynn

Gender balance, diversity management and inclusive leadership know no boundaries. Lynn is excited to travel the world and have the opportunity to start conversations everywhere. We truly believe that once you have started the conversation, the next steps come naturally.

  • Mandag Morgen, Copenhagen
  • Aberdeen Asset Management’s “Backroom 2 Boardroom” events in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam
  • DLA Piper, Copenhagen
  • Maersk Group, Copenhagen
  • UN Women, Copenhagen
  • UN City Staff association, Copenhagen
  • ILO-Nordic Council of Ministers Global Dialogue on Gender Equality in the World of Work, Helsinki
  • Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen
  • Nordic Council conference on gender equality and employment, Oslo
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women 2017, New York City
  • New America, New York City
  • Hult International Business School, San Francisco campus
  • IDA, Copenhagen and Aarhus
  • Women’s Law Student Association, Harvard Law School
  • European Foundation for Management and Development, Brussels
  • The Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Houston
  • Academy of European Law, Trier

How to book Lynn Roseberry

Do you want to book Lynn for a keynote? Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you very soon. Thank you for your interest – we look forward to kickstarting the gender balance debate in your organisation!

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