Improve your business performance by setting and achieving ambitious gender balance goals with research-based consulting

Research-based consulting that moves your organisation

What is the difference between consulting and research-based consulting, you may ask? A lot of consulting is based only or primarily on the consultant’s experience. Research-based consulting combines experience with reliable data and insights derived from proven research methods.

What does this mean to you and your organisation’s progress? If you enter into a partnership with us, you can be sure that the consulting we provide has roots in internationally recognised peer-reviewed research. We draw on these research results to chart a course that fits your organisation’s needs and leads to success.

We help you avoid the mistakes that sabotage most gender and diversity initiatives: Measures that seek to control managerial behavior, place blame or “fix the women”. Our consulting is informed by the latest research on what works: Measures that promote managerial engagement, professional contact across groups, social accountability and build inclusive leadership skills.

Under the right circumstances, we use the renowned LEGO® Serious Play® method to facilitate development of strategies that work.

What does the On the Agenda consulting approach focus on?

It’s about looking at the strategy for the whole organisation and discovering opportunities for improving performance by developing more inclusive leadership. Inclusive leadership leads to improved gender balance and greater diversity. We always base our consulting on where you are right now as an organisation. In other words: We ask you questions to find out where you are on the gender balance and diversity journey. Some of the questions could be:

  • How well do your gender and diversity policies and practices measure up to best practice in your industry?
  • Are you at the cutting edge or bringing up the rear?
  • Are your gender and diversity strategies in line with current knowledge about what works and what does not?
  • How well do organisational practices measure up to your gender and diversity policies?

The key is that we always pay attention to your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and ask all the right questions. Also the hard ones.

Who can benefit from a consultancy process with On the Agenda?

Any level of corporate business and public sector organisations Corporate boards, business leaders and governments, groups of managers and individuals can benefit from On the Agenda’s consulting services. We are available on an ad hoc basis or for longer-term projects.

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