1:1 Coaching that catalyses the changes necessary in your organisation

Coaching that contributes to your personal or your organisation’s development

Implementing a gender or diversity strategy requires managers with self-insight, emotional intelligence, and the ability to communicate clearly. Men and women, aspiring talent and experienced managers can benefit from coaching by professionals with expertise not just in leadership and career development but also in the gender and diversity issues that are an unavoidable part of being a manager in 21st-century organizations.

Kick-start the conversations and create an environment ready for change

Creating change is always demanding and challenging. That is why it often proves to be beneficial to talk to somebody from the outside. We will be able to provide you with a space that allows you and your team to say out loud what you find challenging about gender balance and diversity.

Why is this important? Because when a gender balance or any change strategy is launched it sometimes happens that people are afraid to say what they are thinking. We do not want that. Conversations about the challenges you and your team experience are essential. Being open and honest about the hard parts of change drive change and development.

If you want to develop your organisation towards a better gender balance or increased diversity, you need to nurture an environment where your leadership team feels confident that they can safely voice their concerns. We can help you with that journey.

Lynn Roseberry – experience and knowledge

Lynn Roseberry draws on her own experience as a leader in a large organisation, her research expertise in gender and diversity issues and her training as a psychotherapist. She can provide the professional coaching conversations that can catalyse the changes necessary to develop inclusive leaders and build inclusive business in your organisation.

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