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“Mosaic® helped us discuss this subject in a refreshingly different way than we normally do. The mechanics of the game slow down the tempo of the discussion so that we have time to reflect over what we are going to say. It facilitates respectful communication and ensures that everyone gets time to speak. Mosaic® helped us become aware that we have different perspectives on these issues and different approaches to solving them. It was truly refreshing to discuss these subjects in this way and an extremely useful exercise in respectful communication about difficult subjects.”

Henrik Liebetrau

HR Manager, IBM Denmark, IBM Denmark


Sector: Executive Education, Information Technology and Services
Contact: Henrik Liebetrau, HR Manager
Date: 3-hour Mosaic® facilitation, 4 October 2016

Assignment: IBM Denmark’s newly appointed CEO, Henrik Bodskov, was looking for a good way to begin talking with his team about diversity and inclusion at IBM. He and his HR manager thought that inviting On the Agenda to facilitate Mosaic® with the top management team could serve this purpose.

How did it work?

A few days before the facilitation, IBM provided On the Agenda with a list of the people who would participate and some information about their professional backgrounds and experience at IBM Denmark. IBM specified that the purpose of the facilitation was primarily to open the conversation about gender and diversity at IBM among the members of top management. No particular issue was in focus. The facilitation would take place during one of the regular top management meetings and was scheduled for 2 ½ hours including debriefing and feedback.

10 members of the top management team, including the CEO and HR manager, participated in the facilitation. The facilitation began with a 20-minute warm-up exercise followed by a short introduction to the purpose and rules of the game. The participants then chose four themes from a list of 7 to focus on during the facilitation.

The participants were divided into two groups of 5, which sat at opposite ends of a long conference table. Each group had their own game set. The participants played one short round for practice, after which there was a short debrief. They played 3 rounds in about 2 hours, focusing on 3 different types of management dilemmas relating to gender diversity and inclusion. After each round, the facilitator asked the participants to share their experience of the discussion generated by the game.

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