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Getting started

At DTU Management we have a high degree of diversity and we want everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, cultural background, etc to feel respected and included. We needed outside inspiration to facilitate a discussion of how we create such an environment. Several people in our network recommended Lynn Roseberry.

Lynn Roseberry’s presentation was exciting and worked well in a research environment because it was based on evidence. The subsequent game provided substance for reflection.

I can recommend Lynn Roseberry. She kickstarted our dialogue on diversity, equal treatment and inclusion in the best possible way.

Mette Wier

Professor Head of Department, Department of Technology, Management and Economics, at DTU

Case: Getting started

DTU, Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Contact: Louise Witt, Strategic Development Partner, and Mette Wier, Head of Department, Department of Technology, Management and Economics, DTU
Date: 30 January 2020

Assignment: The Department of Technology, Management and Economics has a high degree of cultural, ethnic and gender diversity. On the Agenda’s Lynn Roseberry was asked to facilitate a discussion, using Mosaic, at an all-day departmental seminar for 25 leaders about how to create a more inclusive working environment that supports a high degree of diversity among its members. DTU Management wanted the discussion to focus on both gender equality and managing cultural differences. Mette Wier and Louise Witt requested that On the Agenda work with one of DTU’s Strategic Development Partners who has special competences with regards to managing cultural differences.

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How did it work?

Lynn then designed a half-day workshop together with DTU Strategic Development Partner Mikkel Orlovski. Together they prepared 7 mini-cases that would form the basis of discussions facilitated by using Mosaic® . The mini-cases were prepared with an eye toward addressing common issues concerning both explicit and unconscious bias in academic environments. Lynn then prepared a number of solutions – bias blockers – that could resolve these issues in ways that support diversity and inclusion. These would be shared with the participants at the end of the workshop.

 The afternoon began with a 45-minute interactive presentation by Lynn Roseberry of recent research and theory about unconscious bias and the role of inclusive leadership in supporting diversity. The presentation included the key findings of her book, Bridging the Gender Gap (Oxford University Press 2014, 2016), which informs the content and structure of Mosaic®.

Mikkel Orlovsk then introduced the subject of cultural diversity in a 15-minute presentation.

After a short break, the participants were divided into 5 groups of 5 and provided with Mosaic® cards. The rules of the game were introduced, and then the groups were given 30 minutes to play 2 rounds. They were given three cases to choose from.

When the groups were finished playing 2 rounds, Lynn and Mikkel facilitated a 15-minute debrief, focusing on the participants’ reflections on their own experience as leaders in light of the discussions in their groups.

After the debrief, the participants were given another 30 minutes to play 2-3 rounds and 4 cases to choose from.

Lynn and Mikkel then facilitated another 30-minute debrief, where the participants were asked if there were any themes that arose during the discussion that they would like to work with.

The participants spent the last 45 minutes of the afternoon in their groups discussing the themes they had identified and considering possible solutions to the challenges they had identified.

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