Become a better and more inclusive leader with the Gender Balancing App

Challenge your inner habit machine.

Challenge your inner habit machine and become a more inclusive leader

We are all habit machines. When it comes to habits, we learn best by building new ones. For that reason, the Gender Balancing App is an excellent tool to challenge your leaders to notice how they interact with their employees and how good they actually are at inclusive leadership. The app prompts them to do something different 2 to 3 times a week, and they will begin to notice where they can lead more inclusively.

How does the Gender Balancing App work?

The Gender Balancing App works on the principle that practice makes perfect. It is an online educational tool that helps leaders and managers to practice inclusive leadership. It’s easy to get started. We send you a unique link that you share with your people. They can sign up 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The programme is available for a full year from the date of sign-up.

When someone signs up, we start with a simple online questionnaire that asks about their behaviours and habits. That allows us to tailor their learning experience precisely to them.

Then we will start sending their “DOs” (small powerful actions) by text message and/or email. Each DO is designed to tempt the individual outside their comfort zone and to try out new behaviours. Unlike almost every other kind of training or course, we do not ask them to think or learn. We want them to DO. We believe that it is only by doing that you can bring about real change.

Why bother with developing inclusive leaders in your organisation?

Why should leaders spend time on this? The answer is simple: Because inclusive leadership is proven to create a more robust and solid business while it also increases diversity and improves gender balance. Organisations with gender balanced teams do better than those organisations with male- or female-dominated teams. This app will help your leaders discover:

  1. How they usually relate to men and women in the workplace.
  2. Which small steps they can take to become more inclusive leaders.

Who can benefit from the Gender Balancing App?

We normally recommend middle- and top-level managers in private and public-sector organisations with at least 200 employees to use the app. However, if you find yourself outside this “box” and still find the app relevant, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The app has been developed in close collaboration with Do Something Different

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