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We need a new approach to gender balance and diversity

The business case for diversity is getting stronger. According to McKinsey’s latest report on the benefits of diversity companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

Depending on your organisation’s readiness for change, you might want to start your gender equality focus with small steps. We have developed a range of products to support your journey regardless of which phase you find yourself or your organisation in.

According to Harvard Business Review, most diversity programs do not work because their focus is on controlling managers’ thinking and behaviour. Studies actually show that they tend to activate bias, not reduce or eliminate it. Our approach and products do the opposite: By recognising the value of managers’ existing knowledge and experience and challenging them to become even better leaders. Learn more below and dive into our product range.

Find the product that fits you and your organization


Confront your leaders and managers with practical dilemmas that require solutions. A scalable training method that any trained facilitator can use, Mosaic® draws on the players’ own experiences and stimulates problem-solving by creating a safe environment for sharing even the wildest ideas. The outcome is a more flexible, open and inclusive management group which will ultimately benefit the organisation’s efficiency and performance.


Get an insight into the challenges and opportunities of inclusive leadership. Seven myths that maintain the status quo provide the framework for the book. After having read “Bridging the Gender Gap” you are able to start your own gender equality work for the benefit of your organisation – both in terms of working environment and performance.


Benefit from our diagnostic tool by finding out how ready your organisation is to tackle gender balance issues. GBQS is an online tool and generates a report based on survey responses. This report tells you what you need to do to move forward. You can always choose to let us help you take the next steps.


Practice makes perfect. If your organisation is to benefit from inclusive leadership, your leaders must lead the way. The Gender Balancing App allows leaders to practice inclusive leadership. E.g. by helping you notice your own gender habits: Do you talk more often about professional subjects with your male colleagues than with your female colleagues ? Do you praise your male and female direct reports for different things? And so on.

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