Knowledge provides the cornerstone for building inclusive, gender-balanced businesses

There is no good reason why we don’t have gender equality

Our background is in the academic world. Our clients see this is an advantage because all our work and collaboration with clients are based on research, data, metrics, proof. Neither fads nor popular opinions drive our work. We are 100% evidence-based in our approach. Sometimes it conflicts with popular opinions. But we are not in this business to be popular. We are in it to build inclusive, gender-balanced businesses.

Alongside our work with our clients and partners, we are dedicated to spread the word about the corporate and organisational opportunities that lie in gender equality and inclusive leadership. For instance, we seize every opportunity to speak at relevant events, to share our thoughts in online communities and to share our own views, newest research and academic trends.

So, we encourage you to use this page as your inclusive leadership and gender diversity knowledge hub. You will find our blog, our published academic papers, fact sheet on inclusive leadership and gender balance, videos and very soon research.

Bridging the Gender Gap

Our book Bridging the Gender Gap also gives you an insight into why it is bad for business, bad for the economy and bad for governance not to exploit the opportunities that gender diversity holds. The book shows how seven popular myths about men, women, business and leadership and presents compelling cases showing that many people in positions of power and influence do not believe they can or should do anything to help close the gender gap.

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