Build business with inclusive business

Improve your business performance
through gender equality,
diversity and inclusion

Creative arts and scalable game-inspired tools for learning, team building and business development

Our research and experience show that the success of an organisation’s gender balance and diversity initiatives depends on the engagement and commitment of the organisation’s leaders and managers. We have developed several methods and products that help you build that engagement and commitment.

Your starting point determines our cooperation

First things first: Why should you even consider an inclusive leadership focus? The answer is quite simple: Because you want to continue to grow your business.

“Mosaic® helped us become aware that we have different perspectives on these issues and different approaches to solving them. It was truly refreshing to discuss these subjects in this way and an extremely useful exercise in respectful communication about difficult subjects.”
Henrik Liebetrau

HR Manager, IBM Denmark

Watch Lynn Roseberry in action

Lynn is an experienced speaker. If you invite her to speak about inclusive leadership and gender equality, we guarantee that you will be challenged and optimise your knowledge about the benefits of inclusive leadership. In this short video she speaks about the importance of diversity task forces.

Our approach to gender balance, diversity and inclusive leadership

We help businesses improve performance by setting and achieving ambitious gender balance goals. We build bridges between the latest research and the corporate world in order to change the world. Reliable data show that the frontrunners in the future corporate world are the companies that understand the importance of inclusive leadership. Their leaders and managers understand the importance of gender balance and diversity to business performance and regularly demonstrate their commitment to achieving gender balance and diversity goals.

Our research and experience show that organisations can build the understanding and commitment necessary to achieve gender balance and diversity goals through leadership development and education that sparks creativity and imagination. The best solutions come from within the organisation and draw on the knowledge and experience of its people. We use various methods that do just that, including the renowned LEGO® Serious Play® method, co-invented by our co-founder, Johan Roos, and our Serious Game, Mosaic.

What is inclusive leadership

What is inclusive leadership and why is it important? We have created an overview of what it means to work with inclusive leadership because we know that there are many different ideas about what inclusive leadership is. So, to ensure a common starting point and inspire you to learn more, we suggest you take a look at our overview.

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