Research is one of the pillars in optimal decision-making

With a solid academic background, we have done and still do a lot of research in the fields of gender equality, diversity management, inclusive leadership. Benefits and pitfalls. Challenges and outcomes.

A part of this work is to publish papers and we are happy to share a selected number of these with you.

Mind the gap

Lynn Roseberry on the gender gap not closing in faculty in European business schools. Why is that? And what can we do to improve the situation?

Bridging the Gender Gap

Our book Bridging the Gender Gap also gives you an insight into why it is bad for business, bad for the economy and bad for governance not to exploit the opportunities that gender diversity holds. The book shows how seven popular myths about men, women, business and leadership and presents compelling cases showing that many people in positions of power and influence do not believe they can or should do anything to help close the gender gap.

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