We develop and grow organisations through inclusive leadership and diversity management

Evidence-based and scalable consulting services and tools for public and private sector enterprises

We help organisations achieve better business results by increasing their understanding of and commitment to gender balance and diversity. We develop the most effective strategies for achieving their goals.

Our clients are public and private sector enterprises that want to achieve the top performance that comes with gender-balanced and diverse leadership teams and organisations. Not convinced that this is true? Click here and allow us to present a few facts 

On the Agenda was founded in 2014 as a partnership between Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos after they co-authored the book, Bridging the Gender Gap. They were impatient with the persistent gender gap in the organisational landscape and wanted to be at the forefront in narrowing that gap.

Our approach

We focus on developing inclusive leadership practices because it is the key to increasing diversity and improving gender balance. Without an inclusive working environment created by inclusive leaders, your efforts to increase diversity will be wasted.

How do we do it? By providing managers and teams with opportunities to practice inclusive leadership skills. Because this isn’t just about how you think. It’s about what you do. Just like playing a musical instrument or playing a sport, you learn best and develop most when you practice.

We have developed several products that ensure this evidence-based and practical approach. Our Serious Game, Mosaic, and our Gender Balancing App are game-inspired tools that create situations where you learn about and practice inclusive leadership skills.

Our founder, Lynn Roseberry, also offers presentations to corporate boards and executive leadership teams, to challenge and inspire engagement in promoting inclusive leadership practices.

She draws on her experience as an educator and leader and her broad network of consultants and university researchers to design custom executive education experiences based on the highest quality content and the most effective teaching methods.

Our mission

Our mission is to continuously bring the newest evidence-based tools and processes to the table.
We will play a significant role in building more successful businesses through
a strategic focus on inclusive leadership and gender balance.

Who we are

On the Agenda began as a partnership founded by Lynn Roseberry, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D., and Johan Roos, M.Sc., Ph.D., co-authors of Bridging the Gender Gap: 7 Principles for Achieving Gender Balance.

Johan contributed his expertise in strategy and creative methods while Lynn contributed her expertise in gender equality and diversity issues. 

In 2016 Johan joined Hult International Business School as Chief Academic Officer, and Lynn took over the development and daily operation of the company.

Meet Lynn Roseberry

Lynn Roseberry delivers the combined value of internationally recognised expertise in gender and diversity issues and personal experience with developing and driving gender and diversity initiatives in large organisations. Her training as a psychotherapist adds the extra emotional and social intelligence.

She draws on more than 20 years of experience as a business school academic, manager and Equal Opportunities Officer at Copenhagen Business School. She is a keynote speaker at international conferences, an experienced conference moderator and executive workshop facilitator.

Lynn has lived in Denmark for more than two decades and has worked with clients all over the world.

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