Optimise your organisation’s gender balance with the Gender Balance Quick Scan

Utilise diagnostics to move the needle on gender balance

Gender Balance Quick Scan is a diagnostic tool that responds to the difficulties companies experience when trying to figure out what to do to move the needle on gender balance.

The tool generates a short report which shows how ready your organisation is to tackle gender imbalance. It also tells you what steps your organisation can take from that starting point to improve gender balance.

Academic & research-based scanning tool

The diagnostic tool is based on academic research on what makes gender and diversity initiatives work. This research shows that successful implementation of these kinds of change initiatives requires top and middle management’s understanding and commitment to gender balance strategies. It also draws on our own research on the perspectives and beliefs that contribute to gender inequality in organisations.

Gender Balance Quick Scan set-up

The tool consists of a quick online survey followed by a short report including suggested actions. The survey should be completed by at least 30% of the managers in your organisation or in one unit. It elicits information about managers’ understanding of and commitment to achieving gender balance. In the report, the respondents’ scores are used to locate the organisation on the Gender Balance Readiness Map and describe the characteristics of an organisation in that location on the map. Suggestions for how to move the company toward optimal readiness for change will also be provided.

Your end product

You will receive a short report that includes a graphic representation of:

  • Your company’s current position
  • An explanation of the result (The Readiness for Change Profile)
  • Suggestions for how to move towards optimal readiness for change. The suggestions will include services and products provided by On the Agenda and/or trusted partners.

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